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What is SIJ?

Social Influencer Jobs is a way for brands and influencers to collaborate more efficiently. On SIJ, brands can post jobs with their requirements and influencers can apply to work with them. The SIJ community currently has 600+ members and has helped dozens of brands find successful collaborations 

Meet the team

Teddy and Victoria started Social Influencer Jobs after agreeing that influencer marketing desperately needed some structure.

Teddy is a former athlete from the University of Miami and spent three years selling influencer marketing software. Time and time again, he was told that the software was too expensive and searching  influencers was tedious.

Victoria is a former NYFW model and has been on the receiving end of countless “DM to collab” comments/messages. She recognized the need for a platform where brands and influencers could collaborate more productively.

They teamed up to build Social Influencer Jobs and are currently based out of San Diego, California.

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