Joining As A Brand

Joining As A Brand

Social Influencer Jobs is hands down the best free platform to collaborate with influencers

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Easily Find Influencers

Post your (free) job

Create a job listing that describes your brand, the opportunity, and what you're looking for in an influencer.

Wait a few days

We send out an email/social media blast to alert our community. Then, we give them a few days to apply.

Receive your applicants!

After a few days, we email you a brief with your interested influencers. From there, we help handle any last minute negotiations.

Meet A Few SIJ Members

Brands that trust SIJ

Champagne Mami

"We love the experience we had working with SIJ! Their communication was quick and effective and they connected us with amazing girls. They made our communication with models very easy and we look forward to our ongoing relationship with the models and the company!"

Leonine Coffee

An eCommerce coffee brand boasting unique blends from Guatemala, Brazil, and Nicaragua. They received over 25 applicants total.

Vogue Vixen

A clothing boutique based in Los Angeles, California. They received over 20 applicants.

Influencer marketing is a powerful strategy but many brands struggle...

Manually searching for influencers is tedious and time-consuming

Influencer marketing tools can be incredibly expensive

These tools are also overcrowded with brands. This creates bidding wars that drive up your costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Social Influencer Jobs cost?

It’s free to post a job on SIJ. You can also post as many jobs as you’d like for different campaigns, social channels, etc. If a paid agreement is reached, we collect a 20% fee to help cover our administrative costs.

How long does a job listing last?

We will send your applicants via email within a few days of posting your job listing. For longer campaigns, we will send applicants on a rolling basis. Job listings are automatically deleted after 30 days.

What is the best way to attract influencers?

As with any industry, the best way to attract the most talented candidates is by compensating them fairly for the value they’re bringing to your brand.  

What should I look for in an influencer?

This is dependent on your marketing strategy and brand values. Remember that it is more important to partner with influencers who share similar brand values than to simply choose the applicants with the most followers.

Am I guaranteed to receive applicants for my job post?

Our community has over 600 influencers that are all interested in partnering with brands. When you post your job, we’ll send out an email alert and social media blast highlighting your brand and what you’re looking for. However, it’s ultimately up to our influencers on whether or not they want to apply. 

Should I follow SIJ on social media?

Of course! We post alerts of new influencers who sign up, best practices for influencer marketers, relevant industry news, and more! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

More questions? Just let us know!