Joining As An Influencer

Social Influencer Jobs was created to make collaborations between brands and influencers easier. We realize that it can be difficult to get the ball rolling when you’re first starting out as an influencer and want to help bring more opportunities to influencers.

To do that, we allow brands who are interested in working with influencers to post a job with us. That way, you can apply to any opportunities that you think you’d be a good fit for.

  1. Monetize your platform
  2. Grow your personal brand
  3. Support brands that you believe in

It’s free to join and apply to jobs.

So how does it work?

So how does it work?

Influencer FAQs

How many followers do I need to get started?

At SIJ, we don’t discriminate based on your follower count! We believe that the quality of your content is much more important than the number of followers that you have. 


How much does Social Influencer Jobs cost?

It’s 100% free to sign up and apply to jobs on  Social Influencer Jobs


Am I guaranteed to finds jobs?

Ultimately, it’s up to each brand to decide who they want to work with. However, our mission is to provide influencers with as many opportunities as possible.


Is Social Influencer Jobs worth following on social media?

Of course! We post alerts of new brand listings we get, tips for influencers, influencer marketing news, and more! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.