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Most influencer guides try to teach you specific hashtag sets that are supposed to instantly grow your page. Or they promise to help you cheat the Insta algorithm. Even if these tips works (which they usually don’t) there’s still one major problem. Social media companies are constantly changing their algorithms. The hashtags that worked yesterday probably won’t work tomorrow.

Instead, The SIJ Guide On Selling Yourself To Brands teaches you real skills that will grow your business. If you are reading this, there’s a good chance that you already create amazing content. Now, you just need to take it one step further.

In this guide, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to sell your skills to brands. This means how to start a business conversation, build value in yourself, and close your deal.

For just $89.99, you’ll receive:

  • 50+ pages
  • 5 Chapters
    • Finding New Business Opportunities
    • Finding The Right Point Of Contact
    • Establishing A Business Relationship
    • Building Value In Yourself As An Influencer
    • Negotiating And Closing A Deal
  • Experience from people who have closed thousands of dollars worth of deals monthly.  
  • Screenshots, templates, and graphics.

Join dozens influencers that are already growing their business...

"This guide is exactly what I've been looking for. I've tried tons of programs that didn't have good information but this one makes everything seem so simple. After reading it I feel like I'm running my social pages as the CEO of my own business."
Travel Influencer, SIJ Member
"The SIJ Team lays out the entire process that you need to grow your business as an influencer. I started influencing just as a hobby but after reading this guide I started taking it way more seriously. Now, I'm making a full-time income!"
Fashion Influencer, SIJ Member
"The $90 investment to buy and read this guide paid for itself scarily quick. Just 4 weeks after using their tips, I landed my first 4-figure brand deal."
Blogger, SIJ Member
"This guide has been so incredibly helpful for me. I've probably read it 3-4 times. It's so detailed and they even have templates for things like emails or phone calls that I know from experience work really well. I'd recommend this guide to anyone who wants to take their influencing to the next level."
Fashion Influencer, SIJ Member

Combined The SIJ Team Has

Years of experience in sales, social media, and influencer marketing

An inside look at what marketers want

A history of monetizing personal brands

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At SIJ, we are committed to helping our influencers grow. And we’re not just talking about your follower count. We want to help you grow as people. That’s why our team is always available to answer any questions, comments, or concerns. To reach us, just shoot an email to info@socialinfluencerjobs.com. We do our best to get back as soon as possible and at least within 24 hours.

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