Senior Online Marketing Manager

Senior Online Marketing Manager

Website Ascend Medical

Healthcare that comes to you


Campaign goal: Social media review on Instagram specifically highlighting the convenience of Ascend versus the traditional doctor or healthcare appointment.

Compensation: FREE membership for you and your family ($300-$500 value), two memberships to giveaway to your audience for FREE, and a custom discount code. Any partner who generates 5+ memberships will receive $100 in compensation. Additional payment range from $100-$500 depending on following/engagement. Room for negotiation.

Required work: You will receive a free membership to our innovative healthcare services at Ascend Medical. Schedule a home visit (for annual physical, children’s well visit, vaccination, covid-19 testing, bloodwork) and experience the convenience of care. Then let your Instagram followers know how the Ascend Medical experience compares to the traditional doctor’s office experience. We would appreciate any photos of you or your family during the actual appointment, or photos with/in front of our van. We ask that you have the Ascend logo somewhere within the first photo of your post. In-feed posts, reels, and stories.

More about Ascend and the membership: You will receive a free membership to our innovative healthcare services that bring in-person house calls to patients home, work or anywhere around town. Ascend Medical gives patients same day/next day appointments, all the care that can be done in doctors office we do in your home – primary care, urgent care, pediatrics and mental health therapy, plus patients get 24/7 telehealth support and can followup and actually speak with their medical team. No more driving to a doctors office, no more waiting in a lobby, no more being rushed at an appointment and questions going unanswered.

Facebook: Ascend Medical
Or DM me here on FB or on IG at @lizzvenanzi

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